WagesPlus Referral

Does your employer still struggle to do your payroll manually?

Are you using a system that does not quite work right?

Do you have clients, colleagues, friends that need good software for their payroll processing?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, refer them to WagesPlus. They will be happy and you will win a gift!

Simply complete the information below, including your name and telephone number and the company's information. We will contact them and if they purchase WagesPlus within three months of your recommendation, we will contact you and present you with a gift. Only one gift per company.

The first person to enter a referral for each company will receive the prize. To make sure that they buy, talk to them yourself about the benefits of WagesPlus payroll system and have them call us and say that you recommended WagesPlus to them.

Note: Leyton's WagesPlus is available Caribbean-wide!

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