About Leyton

The Company

Leyton Microcomputer Services is a provider of intelligent data management services.

Since its inception in 1984, the company has been serving the information management needs of a number of companies throughout the Eastern Caribbean. Our services and packages include payroll processing, CustomsAid, inventory management systems, point of sales systems, prescription management systems, insurance management systems and other database management systems.

Management Profiles:

President: Clive Ottley

Clive is the founder of Leyton Microcomputer Services.

He has been involved extensively in the field of information systems for over 20 years. He began working with the most rudimentary of systems and has ensured over time that he has kept up with changes in technology. Over the years he has developed systems in a variety of platforms most recently Microsoft Visual Basic.Net. Though trained as a medical doctor, Clive has had immense amount of business experience. In the past, he has successfully pioneered and managed other businesses, including two nursing homes in Trinidad.

On returning to St. Kitts, he began Leyton Microcomputer Services. There he combined his skill in business practices and in technology by developing several of the programs which are the mainstay of the company.

CustomsAid, Leyton's very successful program that speeds the production of accurate customs forms is Clive's brainchild. He has also been the brains behind the payroll and insurance management programs.

General Manager: Carol Mitchell

Carol's experience has provided her with a combination of in-depth knowledge of information systems and a deep understanding of business practices.

She has been developing information systems since 1986, beginning in Basic, DBase and Clipper and graduating to Microsoft Visual Basic.

In a bid to strengthen her knowledge and understanding of business fundamentals, Carol completed an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, where she concentrated in Finance and Information Systems.

She supplemented this formal education by working in the United States with an Information Systems Consulting Firm. There she gained invaluable experience in consulting, project management, software development and the conversion of old "legacy" systems to more modern platforms. She is continuously exposed to the latest technologies. Carol is also a Microsoft Certified Visual Basic Developer.