Complaints Case Manager

The Complaints Case Management System is the ideal companion for any office handling complaints, for example an ombudsman's office, human resource department and so on. It will work for any organisation interested in streamlining its activities and maximising their ability to serve their complainants efficiently.

It keeps a record of complaints that are reported to the office and all of the information associated with the complaint. The system enables the office to better manage their handling of complaints by making information about complaints readily available to everyone in the office authorised to use the system. It also greatly improves the ability of the organisation to produce timely and accurate reports.

It is also possible to include a feature that allows complainants to track their case online.

Some of the advantages of the system include:

  • Better control of appointments and action items to ensure that cases are followed up in a timely manner.
  • Easy identification of which employees are responsible for different items.
  • Easy access to reports about the office’s activity. These reports can then be used for reporting purposes, for tracking statistics about the office’s performance in handling cases and also for managing cases which have not been brought to completion of one sort or another.