Medical Office Manager

This is a medical practice management / medical billing software designed for physicians by a physician.

The software assists doctors in managing their office records and billing. It handles multiple doctors within a single practice.


Improved Patient Care Management

The software is designed to improve workflow management in a doctorís office. By enabling the doctor and his assistants to view patient information in one place, it improves the doctorís ability to provide comprehensive care.

From one location, the doctor can access all information about the patientís history, clinical data, laboratory results, allergies, prescribed drugs, and so on.

Leyton's Medical Office Manager also prompts the doctor about drug allergies and prescription drug interactions.

Improved Collections

The software also maintains all information about a patientís billing history. It records charges for office visits, procedures and any other items that need to be included. The user can then enter payments made by the patient or indicate that the insurance is to be billed.

The software provides a report to be sent to each insurance company and allows the doctor to record when they receive the funds from the insurance company and the amount received so that patients can be billed for the balance if necessary.

Improved efficiency

MOM has an easy to use appointment book that allows the user to see at a glance the appointments on any day, which patients arrived and were seen.