CustomsAid Features

The main benefit of CustomsAid is the ability to print an entry neatly and accurately on the customs form. In addition, the system has the following features:

Easy preparation of Entries

Once you enter the items being imported, CustomsAid calculates the duty, consumption tax, and customs service charge. It allows you to print the entries on the required declaration form. You can also print a worksheet in a format approved by the Comptroller of Customs.

The items which you enter are saved on your computer. This means that if you have made an error, you can simply correct the error, and print the whole form again.


One of the main benefits of CustomsAid is that it allows the user to print the customs declaration on the required form. The program accommodates all printers, dot-matrix, deskjets, laser printers, etc.

The Customs Regime

The system has a complete list of the new customs regimes and procedures, along with the codes. Selecting the relevant procedure description leads to the correct code being printed on the declaration. The program sorts the codes on to different forms for printing, and automatically includes Customs Service Charge where applicable.

Unit Conversions

The program deals with standard unit conversions, eg. litres to gallons in a situation where the duty is charged in one unit and the consumption tax in another.

Split Invoices

The system is designed to handle split invoices. These are entries comprised of several invoices that originated from different suppliers, but were consolidated and shipped to your country in a single shipment. In this situation, you can enter inland insurance and freight for each individual invoice, if applicable. CustomsAid then performs the calculations flawlessly.

Currency Conversion

Often a split shipment may have insurance, freight and prices quoted in different currencies. With CustomsAid, you can enter the items in their respective currencies, specify the conversion rate once, and the program will produce a customs entry form priced in EC dollars.


The system maintains the following lists:

The complete Tariff List, from which you can look up items by name as well as by number.

The names, addresses and reference numbers of Importers used.

The names and countries of registry of ships and aircraft used.

Last ports of call of vessels.

Countries of origin of goods and the standard codes.

Types of packages.

Where appropriate, users have access to these lists and can change them as needed.


For businesses which prepare their own customs entries, CustomsAid provides the added feature of costing the goods imported. The system adds any additional expenses such as wharfage dues, porterage dues, etc. and provides a per unit price for each item imported. For this purpose, the system allows the user to change the way that freight is apportioned.

Preparation of Bills

For customs brokers, the system will create bills for clients. The bills can include the import duties if they were paid by the broker. The layout of the bill is completely customisable. The broker can determine where each item of the bill should appear.

Calculator and Calendar

The system has a built-in calendar and calculator, both of which can be pulled up for use at any time during the execution of the program.

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