CustomsAid Pricing

Check out our Pay-As-You-Use option!

Brokers’ version EC$3,700.00
Individuals and Companies’ version EC$3,200.00
Ability to print an separate entry for each customer on an invoice (optional – applies to Individuals and Companies Version only) EC$250.00
Initial Installation: St. Kitts (included)
Anguilla EC$1,000.00
Antigua EC$1,200.00
Training per hour (first two hours are free with installation) EC$220.00
Subsequent installations EC$300.00

Customer Support

Any time necessary to correct programming errors made by Leyton Microcomputer Systems will be free of charge throughout the life of the system.

During the first month of ownership, we will provide 5 hours of support free and 2 hours of free support per month thereafter, with additional support at an hourly rate of $150.

We do reserve the right to adjust this rate in the future, but not less than one year from implementation. You will, however, be notified of any changes before they come into effect.

Payment Options

There are three payment options available:

Pay in full with no interest charges

50 % upfront, 50% one month later with no interest charges

15% upfront, the balance to be paid over a period of 9 months at an interest rate of 10% per annum.

Pay-As-You-Use: Pay installation costs, put money on an account with us and that money is drawn down each day that you use CustomsAid. Add money as needed.

Leyton Microcomputer Service reserves the right to terminate the services to any client who falls behind in payment.

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