Features of WagesPlus

The following is a general summary of the main features of WagesPlus. If you choose to use our services, we will work with you to determine your needs, and a program will be designed to match your specific situation.

Payroll Preparation

The system maintains pertinent information about your employees which can be edited at any point in time. Included in this employee information are important details such as the person's name, address and date of birth, his/her social security number, rate of pay, and how often they are paid.

Your system will be designed to allow the user to enter hours in the manner which is most appropriate given the way your hours are recorded. WagesPlus can also be integrated with our time keeping system or another one of your choosing.

WagesPlus performs all of the calculations necessary for the production of the payroll, including overtime and allowances.

Your system will also make any required deductions, for example, social security, income tax and any requested deductions, for example to an insurance plan or loan.

WagesPlus will be customised for your company to take care of any additional payments that you need, for example, bus fare, bonuses and so on.

Holiday pay calculations are also provided.

You, the user, can create allowance payments based on the number of days the employee has worked or their salary.


Leyton's Payroll Systems are designed to produce a number of reports, including a payroll report, hours list, employee payment history reports, and any statutory reports.

Leyton stands ready to customise the program to present other reports that you might need.

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