WagesPlus for Hotels and Contractors

This system is a necessity for hotels and contractors.

High employee turnover, various categories of employees with different contractual agreements, local employees, foreign workers, and so on can make pay day a nightmare. With everything else on your plate, the last thing that you need is to worry about doing your payroll every week.

Leyton’s WagesPlus takes this worry out of your hands. With our easy to use interfaces, direct deposit letters, cheque printing, statutory reports and so on, we make pay day a breeze.

For hotels or contractors managing more than 40 employees at a single site, we also recommend integrating our electronic time card system, to eliminate the need for manually recording and entering employee hours.

For Hotels (or any other company paying service charge)

WagesPlus also calculates service charge using whatever method you use to calculate this.

For Contrators

WagesPlus also provides features that allow you to indicate the job and task that your employees did and then provide you with a costing sheet, showing the cost of labour for each job and task.

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