Time Keeping with Leyton

On many occasions, Leyton’s WagesPlus has been integrated with a time card system, where the employees swipe a card through an electronic time clock and the data is then available to be read directly into the payroll system without any manual input on the part of the user.

Why you need an electronic time card system?

Because, it will save you money!

  • Reduced time to audit time cards
  • Reduction in the number of errors
  • Reduction in the time it takes to prepare the payroll
  • Reduction in time spent researching and resolving errors
  • Test for yourself on our Return on Investment calculator.

    For a company with 50 employee, the savings could be almost 15,000 a year; with 75 employees, more than $22,000 a year; 150 employees, over $44,000 and so on.

    In most of these cases, the client has purchased an expensive system that comes with many bells and whistles that they do not need. In addition, using external systems makes it necessary to update employee data in two places and to use two systems to access data about your employees.

    Leyton has now teamed up with SecureTech International to provide an affordable solution to this problem. SecureTech International has created a special version of their software to make it more affordable to clients who are using WagesPlus for their payroll processing.

    If your employees work almost exclusively at computers, also ask about our Desktop based time-keeping system.

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