Full Service Payroll Bureau

Providing "everything but the cash" since 1988

Leyton offers its customers in St. Kitts and abroad the ability to hand over their payroll woes entirely to the payroll experts. Submit your data to Leyton, electronically or otherwise and we transform it into a payroll with paid employees.

We will process it, provide bank letters, payslips, a cheque list, hours list. Other reports are available.

We will print monthly reports social security and tax forms where applicable, provide birthday and anniversary lists.

If you give us access to their servers, we will allow them to have continuous access to payroll data.


Reduce the costs of operating your payroll by elimintating the need for an employee spending time entering and updating your payroll.

Increase accuracy because we keep up-to-date on Social Security and tax regime changes.


The cost of this service depends on a number of factors. Please contact Leyton if you are interested in having us run your payroll.

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